Letter: A fuller picture

With more information, I will vote to retain Judge Michael Corey.

Letter: Wrong move by Republicans

Sen. Murkowski took a public stand to oppose a Supreme Court nominee with, at best, questionable experience.

Letter: Trump a divider

Trump's recent speech to the U.N. left out a key detail.

Letter: Alaska GOP is not the party of my father

When a political party deems itself arrogant enough to reprimand a party member for serving the people, that party has lost sight of what it is really about.

Letter: Doing the right thing

Alaska’s senior Sen. Lisa Murkowski is the bravest, most level-headed legislator in Washington, D.C., and the people of the United States have now seen it.

Letter: Murkowski a winner

Sen. Murkowski earns the respect of all Alaskans through willingness to take a leadership role and courage to think independently about decisions beneficial to our state and nation.

Letter: The strength to stand alone

It is not easy to be the single dissenter in any room, much less in the Senate chamber under the powerful grip of partisanship. Even so, Sen. Murkowski spoke from the truth within her.

Letter: Time’s up on budget

We are not entitled to the dividend. We have been lucky to have it. Our luck has run out.

Letter: A scary time for whom?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Women make up more than 50 percent of the population. All they need to do is vote!

Letter: Alaska history needs revision

Only since the collapse of the Soviet Union have Russian-produced Alaska historical documents been made available to American scholars.

Letter: Murkowski a stateswoman

Such leadership and bravery in the face of all the nastiness in politics today is certainly refreshing, and a lesson for all politicians to consider as they represent those who elected them.

Letter: Murkowski must go

Sen. Murkowski has forever lost the support of myself and many other Republicans. The senator might be a “good woman, but she is not the right woman for the Senate.”

Letter: Thank you, Sen. Murkowski

Thanks to Sen. Lisa Murkowski for honoring her pledge to Alaskans during the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. So few politicians follow through, and I for one appreciate it and will remember during the next election cycle.

Letter: We need real budget solutions

Mr. Dunleavy’s ads say that he intends to make further cuts in the state budget. I think that too many cuts have already been made.

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