Letter: It’s time for action from delegation

On reader writes: "It’s time for more assertive action from our congressional delegation, time for them to stop pretending that the Trump presidency is just quirky and a little dysfunctional."

Clearing up budget oversimplifications

It is wrong to tell Alaskans who gave up short-term comfort now for a more stable future that they were duped and ripped off.

Letter: Kavanaugh needs thorough vetting

Historically, Alaskans have been opposed to having anyone from Outside dictating how we ought to run things in our state.

Letter: Helsinki statements go too far

I have now witnessed someone occupying the office of the U.S. president who publicly advances the interests of a foreign government over and above the interests of the United States of America.

Letter: Walls don’t work

How can we have a Congress and a president so ignorant of history and willing to waste so much public money?

Letter: Oppose game rule changes

These preserves were created to protect fully functioning ecosystems while at the same time allowing hunting and other uses that fit into the preserve goals. Extreme killing measures have no place here.

Letter: Trump is damaging U.S. interests

Our alliances and the values they represent are now threatened as never before by Vladimir Putin and, astonishingly, our own president. President Donald Trump gives little indication he will cease his fawning attitude toward Russia.

Fixing Alaska’s budget woes

The message I hear from voters is loud and clear: They want serious budget cuts, not a policy of trying to tax anything that moves.

How I miss Obama

Our previous president rejected the dark vision propagated by Trump and the dictators he so admires.

Lend a hand eradicating bird cherry

This is a robust and virile alien species that we can control with action, and we can turn back the clock on the 40 years it has been encroaching on the public space.

Why we must fight to protect Roe v. Wade

Alaska's women would lose opportunities in the workforce, their livelihood and their health if they could not access abortion services safely.

A newspaper shooting? It’s happened here. Twice.

Two shootings in the 1980s in Anchorage and another more than a century ago in Juneau are poorly remembered, but presage carnage like that of the recent Maryland killings.

We need a Plan B for North Korea

Pretending everything is going great, as Trump has done repeatedly this week, is a dangerous self-delusion. The stakes are too high to give in to the temptation to convince ourselves that a peace deal is in the offing.

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